Campaña: 11 Mayo 2013: #InfanciaSinViOLÉncia

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Our Last Campaign: May 11th 2013 for a Violence-free Childhood.

What was the aim of this protest?

The bullfighting lobby has submitted to the Spanish Congress a Popular Legislative Initiative full of irregularities which seeks to shield bullfighting in Spain by declaring National Cultural Heritage.

This would not only include the shielding of classical bullfighting, but also of other forms of it such as the Toro de la Vega in Tordesillas, where a bull is killed with spears by some people on horseback and foot, or Toro Jubilo, where the bull's horns are set on fire and the animal is subsequently executed.

Bullfighting currently receives about 600€ million in public subsidies. Should this law be passed, it would still get more. Something totally unjustified if we consider the severe cuts the government is applying to essential services such as education, health or social services. Furthermore, according to the latest survey conducted by Ipsos MORI in April of 2013, only 13% of Spanish strongly supports this activity, Clearly, Spaniards have other priorities for their taxes.

But even more disturbing is the fact that this law plans to ensure new generations of amateur bullfighting by including bullfighting indoctrination programs for children and youth at schools and colleges. Through these programs, children whose nature leads them instinctively to feel empathy and compassion for animals, shall be denatured and taught to stick harpoons (flags), spears (pikes) and sword in the tender backs of calves at bullfighting schools as something they should aspire to. They will be brainwashed that torturing an animal for 20 minutes to death in a ring for pure entertainment is being a hero.

All this, ignoring the recent studies presented by leading international psychiatrists like Dr. JP Richier in France, which demonstrates how harmful this is for the psychological and moral development of children and how it contributes to building an increasingly violent society.

Therefore, we invited citizens and more specifically parents with their children, to come to this protest and claim a totally violence-free education, an education which does not discriminate people nor species in their justification for violence.

What did the act consist of?

Since bullfighters claim bullfighting is culture, we wanted to stress the belief that the only culture that should be protected is that which enriches man and women’s souls, not that which gets the worst out of us. As an example we will be having some performances which we believe are real culture & art, such as rock bands, two sopranos, or a magician.

Here are some pictures and videos of the performances:

1. Bahía Cochinos

2. Major Arcana Rock Band


Video of the Song "Torture is Not Culture" from Major Arcana:


3. Magic show: As de Diamantes



4. Sopranos Milagros Poblador and Ana Fernaud


Video of the Song "Il Canto Della Terra" sung by both sopranos at the event:


There were also the following brief speeches:

1. Alessandro Zara, Secretary of LTNEC

He spoke about the sparkling of the antibullfighting movement through the intrusion of activists into a bullfight in 2008 and its development.

2. Marta Esteban, President of LTNEC

Childhood and bullfighting. The new strategy of the bullfighting lobby and the need to stop it.

3. Ruth Toledano, Chronicler of the City of Madrid and Writer.

She mentioned the power of communication of the bullfighting lobby and the keys of the activists to overcome it.

4. J.E. Zaldivar, vice-president of the Platform La Tortura No Es Cultura, and President of AVAT (Veterinarians for the Abolition of Bullfighting). Read his speech in Spanish here.

His speech was about public subsidies to bullfighting.

5. César Bona, teacher, director of Cuarto Hocico and Children for Animals.

He read the official manifesto of the event, in which he spoke about the importance of empathy in the education of children, and the importance of the respect towards animals. Read his speech in Spanish here.

Listen to his speech in Spanish, here:

Children activities were held to entertain the little ones:

Also 300 ecological balloons (autodegradable in a few weeks), in representation of the 300 bulls that are killed during the San Isidro Bullfighting season every year, just starting in Madrid when the demonstration took place.

To finalize we offered some complimentaryvegan snacks to people attending.

There was also a press release.

This is some of the coverage obtained:

Press Coverage of the Event:


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Likewise, any donation is of great help of us. We act with very tight budgets, while the bullfighting lobby is a finantially very powerful entity. However, with your help, faith and a lot of imagination we will win this battle for the end torture as entertainment.



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